Skin Cliniq LondonFacial Aesthetic clinic is now open late on Mondays and Thursday until 8pm for appointments and Saturdays all day. We are also able to provide early morning appointments (from 8am)on request. If you work from 9 – 5 and find it difficult to get an appointment outside of working hours, you could consider contacting Skin Cliniq as we will be very likely to be able to facilitate you.
We provide a range of facial aesthetics treatments such as dermal fillers, lip, chin and cheek enhancements, non surgical face lift, wrinkle correction and more advanced treatments like IV nutrition and medical treatments including treatment for bruxism and hyperhydrosis provided by an award winning team.

By attending an evening appointment (out of hours) you will save:

  • Taking time off work
  • Inconvenience of losing annual leave allowance