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Who is Skin Cliniq Facial Aesthetics London?

Skin Cliniq Facial Aesthetics London is a sister practice of Smile Cliniq London Dentist who is a valued dental practice in London serving patients as Finchley Dentists and St John’s Wood dentists. We are a dedicated London Aesthetics Clinic providing excellence in non surgical wrinkle correction, facial enhancements using professional and affordable treatments. We have been named Best London Dental Practice and our London Dentist have been nominated and awarded Best Young UK Dentist by the industry standards.

We specialise in facial aesthetics London treatments and offer a vast range of services including Facial Rejuvenantion, Wrinkle Correction and Facial Enhancements and a number of innovative medical treatments such as non-surgical 8 point face lift, Hyperhydrosis and IV nutrition.

Upon arrival to our Smile Cliniq Dentist London, our friendly receptionists will welcome you into the practice, ensuring you feel confident, at ease and relaxed during your visit to Skin Cliniq Facial Aesthetics London .

Please check here for a full list of services.

London Facial Aesthetics London Services

Smile Cliniq Facial Aesthetics  is an award-winning London dentist and facial aesthetics clinic that helps people get a face  that they can be proud of.  Facial Aesthetics London provides a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments across London from a state of the art, fully equipped clinics in Finchley and St John’s Wood. A Facial Aesthetics London clinic that accommodates your need can be difficult to find; here at Skin Cliniq we constantly provide a warm and friendly environment at each of our London practices while providing a full range of facial aesthetics treatments. Our experienced team of qualified dentists performs a range of procedures on a regular basis, including facial rejuvenation and wrinkle correction, cosmetic enhancements and medical treatments such as Hyperhydrosis and IV Nutrition to create a rejuvenated appearance you will be happy with.

We pride ourselves in offering our customers a range of high quality, affordable treatments that you may need.  Here at Skin Cliniq we are confident in all of the services we offer, all of which use the most modern treatments and latest technologies. Whether you’re looking for lip enhancement or wrinkle corrections we’re here to provide the best Facial Aesthetics London services possible.

Affordable Non-surgical Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Skin Cliniq is a private practice London dentist that offers all of our customers a wide range of cutting edge dental treatments. We schedule a full initial dental exam for all of the new patients who join us at Smile Cliniq, helping our highly skilled team get to the root of any problems you may have, preventing future ones along the way.

Here at our Facial Aesthetics London, our team works tirelessly to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our patients. Our patients are always at the heart of everything we do, helping make the Skin Cliniq a clinic where people can relax before, during and after our treatments. We pride ourselves on our affordable prices too, regularly price-checking locally to ensure we offer the most competitive rates as private London dentists.

If you’re looking for a facial aesthetics practice, please feel free to contact a member of our team on 020 8090 9077 (Finchley) or 020 7328 1200 (St John’s Wood). Our team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you book an appointment today.

Why Choose Skin Cliniq as your London Facial Aesthetic Clinic?

The benefits of using our services include:

Multi Award Winning Team

Experienced Dentist London provide a variety of treatments and over 100 years of dental experience combined between each other to ensure the best quality of service for our patients.

Vast Range of Treatments

We offer a wide variety of treatments from rejuvenation and enhancements to medical treatment including treatments using dermal fillersanti-wrinkle injections, treatments for tear troughsforehead and frown linescrows feetbunny lineslip enhancementscheek fillerschin fillersnon surgical face liftsIV Nutrition and medical treatments for Bruxism and Hyperhydrosis.

Competitive Prices

Skin Cliniq Facial Aesthetics London have very competitive prices compared to our competitors and we are very transparent about our pricing and have majority of our prices listed on our Fees page

Excellent Reputation

We have earned a 5 star google rating from most of our patients for the superb customer service we provide

Evening and Weekend Appointments

Skin Cliniq London practice is open till 8pm for easy access and on weekends.

Flexible Finance Options

You can spread the cost of your treatment with our 0% interest finance options*

Fully CQC Compliant

We have been inspected and meet all the quality standards set out by Care Quality Commission. Our provider ID: 1-1426202054 See our full report here

*Subject to status

We are committed to administering dental and facial aesthetics care to the highest standards of quality, our expert team of Dr. Chetan Kaher and his partner, Dr. Sarita Kotecha and a team of associates, set the bar for London facial aesthetics.

We bring the most innovative facial treatments to our patients and work tirelessly towards ensuring patient comfort, education, and satisfaction.

At Skin Cliniq, we offer a full range of non surgical facial aeasthetic treatments including wrinkle correction, enhancement, medical treatments and IV Nutrition.

As your premier London facial aesthetics clinic, we focus on solutions to give you complete facial rejuvenation. Our qualified aesthetic options are presented in confidential, no-cost consultations